Clayton Club Pool Tournaments

Open Singles 9 Ball - Season 12

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Tournament of Champions

Weekly winners from the current season are eligible for the Tournament of Champions. There is no entry fee for the Tournament of Champions.

There is no online signup for the Tournament of Champions. Eligible players must arrive by 5:45 PM and sign up in person.

The bracket for the Tournament of Champions is seeded, with seeding determined by the tournament organizer. Cash prizes are awarded to first and second place, with the amounts determined by the number of entries.

Note: In the past we have allowed additional players to "Buy in" to the Tournament of Champions. We are no longer doing this.

Play starts at 6:00 PM.

Player Lineup

# Name # Name
1 Dale 11 MikeG
2 DougB 12 KellyK
3 Marquita 13 ChuckB
4 Ron 14 Craig
5 Zack 15 Ghelfi
6 Greg 16 Rebecca
7 DonW 17 Wil
8 DennisV 18 Nicole
9 Victor 19 JulieR
10 DblHit